Relief For Chronic
Or Recurrent Sinusitis

Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

Medical therapy as a treatment option will not provide long-term symptom relief for chronic or recurrent sinusitis.

Additionally, balloon sinuplasty is not an option for all sufferers of chronic sinusitis.

In situations such as these, our physicians will sometimes suggest ESS, or endoscopic sinus surgery.

Much like balloon sinuplasty, endoscopic sinus surgery is designed to increase the size of the sinus drainage pathways in order to help heal the sinus mucosa.

Endoscopy Sinus Surgery

One of our physicians will utilize an endoscope, which is a device used to see inside the body.

During ESS, the endoscope will enter through the nostrils and will be used to see the sinus openings.

Our Boca Raton ENTs will then use several micro-cutting instruments to clear the sinuses by removing any obstructions or abnormal tissue.

When this is complete, the sinuses and the pathways will have been expanded, which will help with healing and returning the sinuses to normal function.


Many studies reveal that patients who undergo endoscopic sinus surgery have significantly decreased symptoms and improved quality of life1.

There are several approaches to endoscopic sinus surgery. If your Boca Raton Ear & Sinus Surgery doctor decides that you are a candidate for this procedure, they will discuss the options and their recommendations for you, along with the risks associated with such a procedure.

Recovery Time

The recovery time for each patient will vary after ESS, depending on the complexity of the procedure performed. Average recovery time is between one to two weeks following the procedure.

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