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Debbie's Story

“I used to have sinus problems and then I came to Dr. Ress’ office and I got balloon sinuplasty. I have no more pressure, I don’t have headaches anymore and I can sleep at night thanks to Dr. Ress.”

Vinny's Story

“Hello. My name is Vinny. I recently had the balloon sinuplasty procedure done by Dr. Ress. For about the last eight years a have not had any sense of smell and I was very pleasantly surprised that the same day, when I walked out to my car after the procedure, that my sense of smell had been restored. I can breathe again. I feel phenomenal. So, big kudos to Dr. Ress for making that possible. I am very thankful and grateful that I did this procedure and I would highly recommend that anybody else that is considering it should try it. Thank you.”

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